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1996 interview with Sidney Weintraub

I discovered an interesting interview with my father, conducted in 1996, that's available on-line.  It mostly covers his life and experiences up to 1976, when he left the Foreign Service to begin his career as an academic at the University of Texas in Austin.  Somehow, I'd never seen it before.  The link is below the title.

—Jeff Weintraub


The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training
Foreign Affairs Oral History Project


Interviewed by: Charles Stuart Kennedy
Initial interview date: May 13, 1996
Copyright 1998 ADST TOCs/Weintraub, Sidney.toc.pdf


And here is a chronology of my father's different posts during his time in the Foreign Service, compiled by this interviewer.

1949-1951  Tananarive, Madagascar (now Antanarivo, Malagasy Republic)  |  Vice-Consul

    [JW:  My sister Marcy, now Marcia Weintraub Plunkett, was born in Tananarive in 1950.]

1951-1954  Mexico City, Mexico  |  Visa and Political Officer

    [JW:  My sister Debbi, now Deborah Weintraub Chilewich, was born in Mexico City
                  in 1953.]

1954-1957  Washington, DC  |  Worked on Japanese and Korean political &
                                                        economic affairs.

1957-1958  Sent to Yale University to get an M.A. in Economics.

1958-1959  Tokyo, Japan  |  Political Adviser

1959-1961  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Economic Officer

    [JW: In December 1960 I had my bar mitzvah in Bangkok.  Everything I've learned
       since then confirms what I was told at the time—i.e., that as far as anyone knows,
       my bar mitzvah was the first one ever recorded to have taken place in Bangkok.
       In fact, according to a history of Jews in Thailand (not a long book), this "was
       the first Bar Mitzvah to take place in Thailand." My small place in history ...]

1961-1965  Washington, DC  |   Worked on commercial policy, trade negotiations, etc.
                      in the Economic Bureau.  Became Chief of Commercial Policy in the
                      State Department.

1966-1969   Santiago, Chile  |   Simultaneously Economic Counselor of the Embassy and
                       Director of the US AID program (during the Christian Democratic
                       presidency of Eduardo Frei).

1969-1974  Washington, DC  |  Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International
                                                       Finance and Development.

1975  Washington, DC  |  Assistant Administrator for Inter-Agency Coordination, AID

1976      Left government service to become the Dean Rusk Professor of economics &
                 public policy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs of the University of Texas
                 in Austin.

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